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Join the STENetY Network!

Sustainable Tourism Excellence Network for Youth (STENetY) is a structure with joint cross-countries youth initiatives and engagement mechanisms that in the long term perspective may keep moving BSR towards the sustainable tourist destination and strengthen BSR Identity as Sustainable Region. STENetY is a space for the international collaboration and dialogue between young people and youth organizations establishing a network of sustainable tourism knowledge, experience and capacity sharing. The main initiators of the network are Klaipeda University (LT), International Centre for Sustainable Development Green Mobility (RU), Foundation “Science and innovation park” (LV) and The Ministry of the Economy and Innovation (LT).

The STENetY network aims:

  • to strengthen BSR community of youth by empowering to cross-border collaboration and capacity building in sustainable tourism development.

  • to raise youth awareness of sustainability and improving their networking skills for establishing new sustainability initiatives.

  • to elaborate the international dialogue of youth in creation Tourism Vision 2030 for BSR.


By becoming a member of the Network you will join a community of youth with ambitions to get more new knowledge from the experts, exchange ideas and collaborate in order to produce innovative solutions for the recovery tourism after the Covid-19 pandemic and development of tourism vision in sustainability way. The STENetY network membership opens up the opportunity to participate and hold various sustainable tourism events: workshops, forums, even games.

On 15-22 March 2021, the first Game of Goals International Championship was held. Online teams from Lithuania, Latvia and Russia had been competing to be the best through developing innovative project ideas aimed to develop sustainable tourism and achieve the SDGs. Each team was assisted by experts and mentors from Russia, Latvia and Lithuania, who were sharing their professional experience and assessing the participant’ ideas.

What is the Game of Goals? Game of Goals is a platform that brings together governments, businesses, NGOs, universities and research institutions, voluntary and youth associations to study and discuss sustainable development challenges in a fun way and expand best practices and solutions developed to achieving the SDGs worldwide.

Participation in the Network is free of charge. The member of this Network can be either the individual persons or legal organisations. Member organisations should have relationship with tourism development or knowledge share and deep expertise in the areas related to innovations and sustainability in tourism.

Become a member

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